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Welcome to Year 4

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Christmas Arts Day 8 December

What an amazing time we had on Monday. We made fabulous Christmas decorations. We even had a visit from the Mayor.

Our Teacher is

Mrs Kirk

Mrs Kirk is funny, caring and very kind. She helps us to learn in fun ways.
She is friendly and tries not to shout! Mrs Kirk always solves any problems we have if we tell her.
She loves to sing – especially when we have a spelling test. Mrs Kirk is in charge of DT in school.

Design and Technology/Science and Maths! 8 December

The week continued to be exciting when we were told about designing and making our very own electric times table games. As you can see we have been very busy.

Science 17 November

This week, we conducted our own investigations. We tested materials to see if they were conductors or insulators by putting them into our circuits. We discovered that most metals were good conductors and therefore completed our circuits and allowed the bulbs to light up.

Electricity 10 November

This week, we have been exploring electrical circuits. We discovered that the circuit has to be complete(continuous) to enable the bulb to light up.

Fronted Adverbials 4 November

We had great fun this week exploring sentences. We had to identify fronted adverbials and include all the correct punctuation.

Representing Numbers 20 October

We had a great time this week exploring numbers. Miss Dodd provided us with a fabulous range of equipment which we used to help us represent numbers with our partner.

P.E – Gymnastics 13 October

This week in P.E, we have been focusing on different balances. We also worked in groups to create simple sequences.

Negative Numbers 6 October

This week we have been learning all about negative numbers.
We also had to work in a team to solve a mathematical challenge.

The Tunnel has arrived! 2 October

Wow! What a great time we have had this week exploring the various tunnels in our classroom. We then used our experiences to write creatively. We shall be continuing our tunnel adventures next week.

Roman Numerals 22 September

We had a great time exploring Roman Numerals. We had to recreate the correct Roman Numerals using our sticks and bundles. Mrs Kirk was very impressed with our knowledge.

Music 15 September

We started the week with an introduction to the Ukulele, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

English 15 September

We ended the week with descriptive writing linked to our class story – The Twits. We had great fun using the descriptions to create an illustration of the characters.

What a great week!

We have settled into year 4 really well and we have enjoyed getting to know each other again. We made silhouette faces showing all the things we enjoy. We hope you like them.