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Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Year 1

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class. You can find out about the learning we have planned for the weeks ahead in our Class Newsletter.

St Peter and St Paul church 17 July

Year 1 visited St Peter and St Paul church as part of their RE topic! We also baptised our class bears!

Our Teacher is

Miss Holmes

I’m the Year 1 teacher and I have been teaching at Burgh School for 15 years. I have taught Year 1 for two years and before that I taught Foundation Stage. I have good knowledge of the EYFS and this helps me to understand the learning needs of our younger children as they move to Year 1.
I try to be an encouraging and helpful teacher and do my best to make lessons in Year 1 fun!
Out of school I love exciting days out with my own son and spending time exploring new places in my caravan.

Hardy's Animal Farm 12 July

Year 1 visited Hardy's Animal Farm! The children had first hand experiences of a range of animals; supporting their learning in Science! They also had an amazing time on the play areas!

Music 28th June

Year 1 have been exploring the musical instruments to create their own pieces of music; thinking about the four seasons of the year.

Trees 8 June

In Year 1 the children have been learning the names of common trees. We enjoyed a terrific tree hunt in our school grounds. Then we sorted leaves into 2 groups; those from DECIDUOUS TREES and those from EVERGREEN TREES.

Enjoying competitive games in PE outside with Mrs Potts! 23 March

Pirate treasure maps 7 March

First the children used a teabag to stain the paper to make it look old. Then the children drew on the features of the treasure map; including treasure of course! Next they instructed a friend to follow their trail to the treasure and finally they wrote their own instructions to guide the pirates to the treasure.

Shrove Tuesday Fun! 5 February

The children loved having a pancake tossing competition.

Gingerbread Men 5 February

The children have had a great time in Year 1 this week exploring the story of The Gingerbread Man. They especially loved baking their own!

Missing number calculations 19 January

Bird Feeders 19 January

As part of our Science work on Winter the children had a great time making bird feeders. They mixed together lard, cheese, bird seed and sultanas. They are to bring them home to hang in their garden. Please encourage your child to look for visiting birds and if possible identify the birds!

Instructions 12 January

This week we have started to read and write instructions in English. The children worked with a partner to write instructions for how to wash their hands.

Exploring Beebots and fun in multi-skills! 5 January

Designing, building and evaluating 14 December

This term we have been busy exploring hinges, sliders and levers in DT. We then went onto designing and building homes that incorporated at least one of these mechanisms. We designed and made castles, lighthouses, bungalows and lots of other homes. Finally we evaluated our finished products.

Christmas Arts Day 4 December

Science Investigate 17 November

The children have been testing and measuring the absorbency of different materials. We found the cotton wool was the most absorbent of the five materials we tested.

Autumn 10 November

This week the children have continued to think about the season of Autumn. They have sorted Autumn leaves according to their own criteria and planted flower bulbs around school.

History Trip 19 October

The children experienced an extremely worthwhile trip to The Village Museum in Skegness. They washed clothes using the dolly tub, dolly peg, scrubbing board and mangle. All groups had a guided tour of the two olden days houses and they helped the blacksmith to make a horseshoe. They experienced what school was like in the Victorian days and some of the children got to have a go on the working steam engine. The children’s behaviour was outstanding and everyone had a very enjoyable day.

Collecting leaves in preparation for our Autumn collages 12 October

Caribbean Fruit Salad 5 October

After reading the stories of Handa’s Surprise and Kakadu Jack (which featured lots of tropical fruits) we went onto make Caribbean Fruit Salad. The children practised using their claw and bridge cuts but particularly enjoyed tasting it!

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Sorting and grouping animals in Science 2 October

Fun in PE! 15 September

Counting and Writing Numbers 8 September

Year 1 have been busy this week showing me how brilliant they are at counting and writing numbers!