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Welcome to Year 3

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class. You can find out about the learning we have planned for the weeks ahead in our Class Newsletter.

Explorers 9 March

In P.E we are developing our own dances to the theme of explorers - travelling over land, mountains and oceans.

Our Teacher is

Mrs Pitwell

Mrs. Pitwell is eager to help the Y3 children continue their learning journey in school. She has high expectations of work and behaviour and encourages perseverance and positive attitudes when facing challenges. Mrs. Pitwell’s aim above all is to have a happy class in which everyone looks forward to coming to school.

Dinosaur Feet 23 February

We have been creating dinosaur feet using cardboard, newspaper and mod roc.

Magnets 2 February

To help us learn about magnets we played a class game where we tried to keep our 'lives' we were given. Everyone was an expert! We also had challenges with magnets to see if we could move them without touching them and even positioning the magnets so that they did not touch each other. We are learning to use the words attract and repel.

Volcanoes 26 January

This week we have been using drama to present our explanations about volcanoes.

Update 19 January

We have been exploring the way in which we like to learn and we discovered that some of us are:

Linguistic learners and were able to write a poem together

Logical learners and were able to solve a mathematical problem

Kinaesthetic learners and could  follow a dance routine

As part of our mountain topic, we learnt about contour lines by making a model:

Volcanic eruption 12 January

We had a volcanic eruption in our classroom this week! This was part of our Mountains topic and helped us to write explanation texts in our English lesson too.

This is a photograph of our Work from Home display board. Thank you for contributions from Lily, William, Talia, Zac, Finlay, Zara, Coco and Thomas.

Forces 5 January

In Science this term we are investigating forces. Today we tried to find how how much force was needed to push or pull an object. We worked on several different surfaces.

Christmas Arts Week 15 December

Year 3 had a lovely time on Christmas Arts Day. Here are some pictures of our finished craft items. Thank you to all of the grown-ups who came to help us.

Sandwiches 7 December

Year 3 have been busy creating ideas for sandwiches. We worked in groups to finalise our designs and then we made our sandwiches before evaluating them against our designs.

Arranging Facts 1 December

We have been learning how to arrange facts under suitable sub-headings in preparation of writing a non-chronological report on ancient Egyptians.

Clocks 24 November

This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks.

Cartouches and Pharaohs 17th November 2017

We have been finishing our cartouches and pharaohs, which we made out of salt dough.

Volleyball 9th November 2017

We are learning how to play volleyball in P.E. this term. We have been practising our serving and receiving skills this week.

Egyptian Life 3rd November 2017

This week we experienced life as an ancient Egyptian learning how to: carve scarabs in soap; make ink and use this to write on papyrus paper; make perfume cones, plait bread dough and create tomb paintings. In the afternoon, the ‘Queen’s’ servants handed out food during a feast which included figs. Some of us performed a dance to the royal court whilst two of the adults found themselves in trouble! Thank you very much for all the adult help during the day.

Making Cartouches 20 October

This week the children have made clay cartouches inscribed with their own names using hieroglyphs. They then wrote instructions for this task, for others to follow, as part of their English work.

Our WOW Board 20 October

Here is a photograph of our class WOW board. This is where we display work done by children at home or at Sunshine after school club to show what they have been learning in class- well done to Finlay, Zac, Shelby, Kyle and William.

Update 20 October

5 Lives 12 October

We have been learning about the bones in our body by playing a game called 5 lives. We finished the model of the River Nile which is part of our topic display and we have completed our healthy meals too.

2D and 3D shapes 9 October

We have been describing, naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes, including real-life objects. Mrs Pitwell had the job of emptying the toblerone packet!

Food Groups 2 October

The children having been learning about the five food groups and the importance of a balanced diet. They are going to create their own plate showing a healthy meal too.

River Nile 22 September

We have started to make a model of the River Nile as part of our History studies. Keep an eye out for more pictures of our model as we add to it during our Ancient Egyptians topic.

Hockey Skills 15 September

This week we have started to learn hockey skills with Mrs.Potts and Mrs.Lammiman in our PE lessons. Here are some pictures of us dribbling and stopping the ball. We had a great time even though the rain drove us inside!