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Welcome to Year 3

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class. You can find out about the learning we have planned for the weeks ahead in our Curriculum Map.

You can find out about the learning we have planned for the term in our Class Newsletter.

Stonehenge 7 July

We made our own models of Stonehenge as part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We looked at how the monument was built but we had to use modelling dough not stones!

Our Teacher is

Miss Leetham

Miss Leetham is our Year 2 class teacher. She is also in charge of PE and SEND in our school.
She is strict, yet kind and funny. She has high expectations of our work and our behaviour and encourages us to be more independent in our work so that we are ready to become Juniors in Year 3.
Miss Leetham always sorts out any problems we have. She is very caring and understanding. We like her cuddles when we are sad! Her favourite subject to teach is Numeracy.
Miss Leetham loves cats but hates spiders! We have to take them outside if we can see them in the classroom.

Flag Fen Archaeological Centre 30 June

On Thursday we had a brilliant day out at Flag Fen Archaeological Centre. We went to find out more about what it was like to live in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We held some real prehistoric artefacts and went into a bronze age roundhouse. Here are some pictures of our day.

History Walk 16 June

This week our class went on a history walk around the conservation area in Burgh le Marsh. Mrs. Holiday was our guide and she told us lots of interesting facts about her own house and those nearby. We used the information to add to our display at school for humanities week.

Walk around Burgh 16 June

This week we have been on a walk around Burgh looking at the High Street and the different shops that are there now and talked about what they used to be in the past. We visited the Heritage Centre and looked at the timeline of Burgh-le-marsh through the ages.

Carnations 9 June

We had some white carnations yesterday…look what has happened to them today! We have been investigating the way in which the water is transported in plants.

Stone Age Houses 26 May

We have been finding out about the 3 time periods of the Stone Age, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We looked at where people lived in these time periods and drew labelled pictures of the types of homes that would have been lived in. We used photos of the Neolithic settlement remains at Skara Brae, in the Orkney Islands to help us.

Writing Letter 19 May

We have been learning to write letters, including e mails, for different purposes. We wrote letters to Miss Smith suggesting ideas for a class treat when we get 50 reward stars! Here are a couple of our letters.

Timelines 12 May

We are starting a new history topic in Year 3, learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We have been thinking about the events during this period of history and have completed timelines to help us to understand the chronological order.

Fossils 5 May

We have been learning about how fossils are formed this week. We all had a go at making a replica fossil using plasticine, plaster and a selection of natural materials.

St. George 28 April

Year 3 have really enjoyed finding out about St. George this week. We have made fact files about St. George, written the story about him slaying the dragon and even written a recipe for the baking of Victoria sponge cakes we made. With Mrs. Arnold we used our skills of paper curling to make dragons breathing fire! Call in and have a look at our display if you get a chance!

3d Art 21 April

Year 3 are doing some 3d work in Art this term. This week we have made pictures using paper curling techniques. They are on display in our cloakroom. Here are a few photos of our work.

Gibraltar Point 31 March

We have been writing recounts of our recent trip to Gibraltar Point. We would like to share some work that we are particularly proud of with you on our class page. We hope you enjoy reading our work.

Gibraltar Point Trip 24 March

Today Year 3 have been on a trip to Gibraltar Point as part of their geography studies. We found out about how coastlines are formed and changed over time. Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Op Art 17 March

In our last few art lessons we have been looking at the work of artists who worked in the Op Art style. Their pictures look like optical illusions and we have created our own Op Art images inspired by their work. Here are just a few of our pictures.

Rocks and Fossils 7 March

Today, Year 3 had a fantastic time investigating rocks and fossils. We got to look at and touch different rocks and impress our visitor, Ady with our knowledge.

We went inside the inflatable dome to look at the how the earth is formed and we watched a video clip about volcanoes.

Down at the Doctor’s 3 March

Year 3 have been looking at poems this week and we have written our own verses of a poem called Down at the Doctor’s by Michael Rosen.

Then we illustrated them too!

Click on the image on the right to see for yourself.

Poetry inspired by the clouds 24 February

Caythorpe PGL 10 February

Last Friday Year 3 had an amazing day at the PGL activity centre at Caythorpe. Lots of us tried new and challenging activities during the day. We have been writing about our day this week and the adults took loads of pictures so we will soon be putting up a display in the classroom. When it is finished why not pop in and have a look? Here are a few photos of what we got up to.

Chinese New Year 27 January

Today we have been helping our friend Isaac celebrate Chinese New Year. Do you know that it is the year of the rooster? We acted out the story of the great race held to choose the animals for the Chinese zodiac. Isaac played the part of the Jade Emperor and he also shared some Chinese writing that he had done at home. We had a go at some too.

A Starry Night 20 January

We are using our painting skills in Art this term and thinking about shades of colours. We used Vincent Van Gogh’s painting called A Starry Night as inspiration for our own paintings, using shades of blue for the night sky. We then added the moon and stars  to finish off our pictures- with lolly sticks!!

Friction 13 January

We have been continuing our work on forces in science this week by investigating friction. We tried to move some jelly cubes from one bowl to another- with chopsticks!! We all managed that eventually, but then it got trickier. Miss Leetham asked for some olive oil to be added to the bowl and then we had to repeat the activity. How do you think that went? Ask one of the children if they can tell you. We also looked at the effect of friction on moving objects by sliding different surfaces down a ramp.

Diwali celebration 16 December

To complete our studies about Diwali we held a celebration in our classroom today. A friend from the Year 5 class, who has recently celebrated the festival at home with her family, came to join us to tell us about what happens at a Diwali party. Miss Leetham has taken some photographs to share with you, we hope you like them.

Christmas Arts Day 6 December

Year 3 had a good time during Christmas Arts Day making lots of different things with our fantastic helpers!

Diwali Preparations 2 December

Year 3 had a super time preparing for their  Diwali celebration next week by making and painting their own Divas.

Competition Winners 25 November

Winners of the Year 3 competition to design a Christmas card for Father Terry and the parish church to send to all local residents of Burgh-le-Marsh.

Update 25 November

In our P.E. lessons we are learning netball skills including passing the ball, moving to find space and defending.

We have also made some Rangoli patterns, as part of our Diwali topic, using paint, chalks, pastels and felt pens. Here are two of the carefully painted designs for you to look at, we hope you like them as much as we do.

Children in Need 18 November

Today our school is raising money for Children in Need. Here are photographs of the SPOTACULAR SUPERHEROES in Year 3!

Dave 11 November

Year 3 had fun making their own friends for Dave (our skeleton friend) by cutting out the different bones and labelling them. Each group worked really well together as a team!

Bones 4 November

Year 3 have started learning about skeletons and had great fun drawing around each other and trying to label all the different bones that they knew!

Fruit Salad 21 October

Year 3 had a great time cooking again this week. We made fresh fruit salad and we all tried it! It was very popular!

Vegetable Soup 14 October

On Thursday we used our food preparation skills to make vegetable soup. We chopped, peeled and prepared the ingredients before Mrs. Gray cooked the soup for us to taste.

Instructions 7 October

Year 3 are looking at instructions in their English lessons. We have been reading instructions, thinking about the language used and we will be writing instructions ourselves. We read and followed some instructions to make and decorate pyramids. Here is a photograph of the finished products.

Egyptian Day 26 Spetember

Year 3 had a great time during their Egyptian day today….Alfie really enjoyed being the bossy Pharoah!

Nutrition 23 September

Year 3 had a great time learning about Nutrition and eating a balanced diet today!

The Twits 16 September

In Year 3 this week we have been looking at the life and works of Roald Dahl. We really like his book called The Twits.

In our English lesson we thought about describing the characters of Mr and Mrs Twit, we used our ideas to write WANTED posters. Here are a couple of them for you to look at.

Roald Dahl 13 September

Year 3 enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character from the Roald Dahl books. We have been reading The Magic Finger and The Twits and we are going to start the BFG tomorrow!

Alphabetical ordering skills 9 September

Year 3 have been applying their alphabetical ordering skills today by checking all the books in the library are in the right place!