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Welcome to Year 3

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Pebble Journeys 7 February

Year 3 have been writing about the journey of a pebble. They had to imagine that they were the pebble and write in the first person. They have also been creating some hand print fossils of their own, out of clay.

Our Teacher is

Mrs Walton

According to the children … Mrs Walton is super smiley, jolly, kind, caring and scary at times!
Mrs Walton has high expectations and sets firm boundaries. She is encouraging and has high aspirations for each and every child. She loves her job!

Healthy Bodies 24 January

This week the children have had a visit from Jackie & Michelle from Hope UK. They were learning about how to look after their bodies and about unhealthy things that can affect their bodies. They had some really fun activities to do and the children had some great responses. It was lovely to see them really thinking about the importance of staying healthy.

Ukulele 'Concert' 19 December

Last week, Y3 played their ukuleles in a concert to some of our younger children in school. Here are a few clips so you can see just how good they have become.

Active Science 29 November

This week Year 3 enjoyed learning Science in a different way through an Active Science lesson. Here are some photos of them participating in the lesson indoors and outdoors.

Skeletons 15 November

In Science, Year 3 have been learning about their skeletons. They have just started an investigation to see if our bones grow. Today they were taking measurements of arms across the school. Even Mr Anderson had his arm are a few photographs...keep checking in to see what they found out...

Cool Maths & using Base 10 to complete addition calculations 8 November