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Welcome to Mrs Bowmar's Year 5 Class

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Our Week 8 December

This week, we have been doing many things in 5B. We have started our music topic- cyclic patterns and the children had lots of fun exploring these. We used our bodies as percussion instruments, this enables us to create the cyclic rhythms. Keep a look out on our website to see when we develop this further.

We have made Inukshuks and written instructions on how we did this. This links in with our topic of North America that we are currently studying. Inukshuks are stone features that the Inuit create in the Artic to show other tribes where they have been hunting. They usually are stone features that resemble a human.

Our Teacher is

Mrs Bowmar

Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will reach the stars.
Mrs Bowmar encourages us to aim to be the best that we possibly can be. We have to have big dreams and aspirations and believe we can achieve these. In order for us to reach our goals, Mrs Bowmar teaches engaging lessons to help us continue to be enthusiastic about our learning. If we need help, Mrs Bowmar is always there to support us, as well as reassuring us that making mistakes is very normal.
Mrs Bowmar is new to Burgh School, but is enjoying her time teaching in Year 5.
Out of school, Mrs Bowmar tells us that she loves to visit animal parks with her little boy, Luen. He is still only a baby and not even at school yet! When she has spare time, Mrs Bowmar runs her own judo club and has been doing this sport since she was eight years old.

Resistance 24 November

Since the beginning of Year 5, we have been looking at different forces in Science. For the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at air resistance and any variables that may change the effects of air resistance. We designed our own investigations involving parachutes and different variables that we would like to test. The children developed their own questions and made three different parachutes changing the variable that they wanted to test on each parachute. Then they conducted their investigations using the parachutes that they had made.

Here are some pictures from the investigation. We have some very interesting results.

War Poems

This week in 5B, we have been writing our own war poems to remember all those that lost their lives during the war, or even those people that have fought in the war. We wanted to show our appreciation for these people. We really enjoyed writing these poems, using metaphors for the natural world, to try and add comfort to people that may have lost loved ones during any periods of war. As well as this, we also held a class remembrance service on Friday, where we could recite our poems and reflect and remember. Here are a few pictures from the service.

Testing our boats 4 October

This week, we have finished making our boats ready to test them in water. We are really enjoying our Science topic of forces this term.

Making Boats 25 September

This week, we have been combining Design and Technology with our Science. We have been designing and making boats, to then use them to test the effect water resistance and gravity has on an object! We will keep you posted with the results of our investigation next week. As you can see, we are all having lots of fun making these boats.

Life in the City 15 September

We have had a fantastic second week in 5B! Amongst lots of other things, we have really enjoyed our first P.E lesson dancing. We were thinking about life in a city and using different movements to covey the hustle and bustle of a big city. We then did group performances of little routines that we had created.

Settling in

This week, we have been getting to know our new class better. As we are in different classes than we were in last year, it has taken us some time to get used to this. However, we have settled really well and are impressing our new teacher, Mrs Bowmar. Our art work from last week impressed her the most! We had our photographs taken and then they were cut in half. We had to draw the other half of the photograph. Here are some examples that we would like to share with you.