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Young Journalist Academy

The Young Journalist Academy is a programme designed to encourage young people to engage with news and current affairs by creating their own School Newsroom. It gives our pupils at St Peter and St Paul the chance to gain national recognition for the ability to create quality broadcast material in partnership with CfBT Education Trust and c1 media. You can find out more information on the programme on the Young Journalist Academy website.

On this page you can see the stories and videos that our young journalists produce.

Swimming competition 15 January

On Friday the 15th of January there was a swimming gala held at The Louth Meridian Leisure Centre. The competition was held for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Burgh school took part alongside 5 other schools from around East Lindsey. The squad was made up of 24 pupils competing in 25 different races. Eryn H a team member stated, “I enjoyed the competition because we came second overall for each age category and won lots of medals!”

This is the third year Burgh School has entered this event. Mr Hurdman and Miss Leetham lead the team. “I feel the event went very well and I was surprised and impressed by the efforts of our team with some serious swimming skills. They demonstrated great team spirit and I was very proud of them!” said Mr Hurdman.

Congratulations to all swimmers that represented Burgh in the fun event.

By Libby, Charlotte C and Casey W.

JRSO’S Lead an Assembly 14 January

To start the term, Burgh School’s very own JRSO’S led an assembly for their latest project called “Be Safe Be Seen”.

If you aren’t sure what a JRSO is it is a pair of pupils that get picked every year by the other pupils to try and keep everyone safe coming to and from school and inside the school day. JRSO stands for
J= Junior
R= Road
S= Safety
O= Officer 

As part of their campaign they have worked extremely hard to prepare the launch and get enough reflective snap-bands to give them out to every pupil in the school for free!
Now every pupil in Burgh School has learnt ways to keep safe in dark nights and has a reflective band to wear so cars and other vehicles can see them in the dark.

Well done JRSO’S!      
By Louie YJA Y6

Young Journalists at Siren FM 24 November

I hope the YJA team had fun today with us at Siren FM. They all got to grips with the technical aspect of producing a radio show pretty quickly and also realised how much planning has to go into making even a short programme! 

The shows will be scheduled this week for broadcast but I will let you know in plenty of time when that will be (you'll be able to listen online too).

Cross Country 1 October 2015

On Thursday the 1st of October, Burgh School pupils competed in a cross-country event held at Well, nr Alford.

When they arrived each school gathered together and took a register to make sure everyone had arrived!

Year 3 & 4 girls were first to head for the starting line. The seven Burgh School runners performed well.

Then it was the turn of the boys’, with Burgh’s Jake doing extremely well to come in 2nd and another of our pupils not far behind, finishing 7th.
Year 5 girls, including three from Burgh, were soon on their way round the course. Ellie-Mae excelled to finish 5th. The other two Burgh pupils running came 15th and 16th, so they did well too.

Next up it was Year 5 boys. Burgh had four runners and they all performed really well.  One finishing 10th and the others coming in around the 15th to 18th mark.

Then it was the turn of the Year 6 girls with Burgh having four runners in the race. Libby did really well; she came second!! (The girl who beat her was Isabelle from Woodall Spa.) One of the other Year 6 girls came 7th and the other two 15th and 16th.

Finally, it was the Year 6 boys. Burgh fielded six runners, all performing well with one coming 8th and another 13th.

It was an amazing competition and for all pupils involved a day they won’t forget.

Casey, Year 6

Cooking Bus comes to Burgh

Date: 17 September 2015

All week, the bus has held centre stage in the playground of Burgh School and it’s certainly caused quite a stir.

From the reactions of the children it was obvious that they loved the opportunity as, with the help of expert cooks, it gave them a chance to express themselves in a real kitchen setting.

Aboard their amazing bus, Sarah and Rachel from the Cooking Bus team travel round to schools to teach budding chefs how to cook delicious food in a healthy and safe manner.

Denise Hornsey, a Lincolnshire Food Specialist, who visited the school commented, “If I could have a dream or a wish I would want every school to have a visit from the cooking bus!

“I think this is a really worthwhile opportunity and a good way prepare easy dishes with little ingredients.”

Read the full story and hear the interviews on the Academy website.

Joung Journalists Academy